Lindsay enjoys cake and sunshine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and general geekery. She dislike capers, The Weather Channel (earthquakes are NOT weather) and who ever named those things you get at the gas station "Cappuccino." She also likes: being a giant dork, chick movies, The Lost Boys (it's Cory on Cory Action, Action, Action - and completely lame, which is helpful), pumpkins, orange, oranges, things that taste like oranges, coffee, old friendships that don't go bad, pretending to play the guitar, a good fight scene, sandalwood, water, avocados, stars, Indian food, Middle Eastern food, calling cats “puppy,” sand stuck in your sandals for years, a soft curve, sweet sweet revenge, Bollywood, expensive bed linens, linen, good soap, the smell of wet wood chips, banana slugs, justice (social and other), tea.

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