Friday, June 10, 2011

Baking: A lesson in patience

Warning: The Cake May Be a Lie.
I am a pretty fantastic cook.  There's no dish (if given a general direction and the correct ingredients) that I can't create with relative ease.  Baking, however, has been the source of much frustration since I picked up a wooden spoon.  I'm not sure my college roommates will ever forgive me for the Jello Cake incident of 2004 (Note to self: baking requires actual measuring cups. Look into it.).

To make things even more frustrating, I was born with a natural obsession with cake. I love cake. I mean really good cake. Not too sweet, fluffy, fantastic cake - which I am incapable of producing in my own kitchen.

This blog post should serve as a warning for those of you who live in the vicinity of Mountain View, California. I am going to attempt to bake again. An Etsy post about birthday cake lead to the most beautiful strawberry cake I have ever seen... and now I have to have it. Since the baker, Amelia of Los Angeles, is more than 6 hours away from me, it seems I'll have to try to create it myself. Will this be fantastic culinary triumph or a surprise with dire consequences? My in home photographer will surely let you know.

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