Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A shameless plug

So. I've had a bit of free time lately. You know those things people say they wish the had time to do... but then when they have time... they never do them?  I've had so much free time that I've reached a point of ACTUALLY DOING THOSE THINGS.  Thank you, bad economy, for showing us that reaching this level of stir-crazy is humanly possible.

Anyway. My long dormant sewing machine that has been aching to push out pillow cases and pencil bags has started to create some pretty stellar aprons, which I am now selling on Etsy.  Potholders and other-such kitchen geekery to follow.  I have this brilliant idea for a "The Cake is a Lie" apron that must happen.

Here's the direct link to the store:  Check back soon, I'll have other things up shortly!

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