Thursday, January 12, 2012

The triumphant return of Desk Chicken

I've been busy.

Stay classy, Lindsay's desk.
Take note: working at a start up is not easy, and sometimes things like cooking a meal for yourself becomes a luxury you just cannot accomplish... and if you do, it's done at 11 PM, and God help you, you're not taking the time to get out the camera, and if anyone suggests you get out the camera, you threaten to eat that camera, strap and all, because you've been starving since 10 AM, jerkface. You know... hypothetically.

I will tell you that San Francisco has an impressive array of delivery food options, and today I had a garbanzo bean salad that knocked my socks off.  I'll have to try to throw that together on a weekend.

Being the nice girl that I am, I hope to make something lovely and blog worthy for you all to look upon over the weekend.  We should all just be horribly thankful that the holidays are over, and life can return to a relatively normal clip for the foreseeable future. Knock on wood.

I'm going to continue researching business internet packages while getting completely distracted by Mountain Goats lyrics.  Don't know who they are? Well... You've got some research to do, too, haven't you?


  1. i keep protein bars in my pockets at work ;) gets me through when there's no time for breakfast lunch or dinner some days!

  2. You do not speak for the Desk Chicken.

  3. Desk Chicken IS THE Desk Chicken! Check twitter, Facebook, iTunes and more....

  4. I have my own Desk Chicken. He rules the desk with an iron wing. YOU might be A desk chicken, but you're not MY Desk Chicken.