Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm not 30, I'm 29.9 repeating

It's my 30th birthday tomorrow.

I'm not pleased with this.  I think it's partially because I'm in the middle of a seemingly never-ending stint of unemployment (like so many of my friends in the marketing field).  Plus, I've never even thought past my 30's... because, that's what was coming, right? And now what's coming is my 40's. Shudder.

This is the first year that I haven't run around obnoxiously reminding people that its my birthday on the 20th.  If it wasn't for Facebook (ZUCKERBUUUURG! *shakes fist*), I would just kind of hope people forgot.  I really don't want the 30th birthday comments.  You know... "Now you're a REAL adult!" or "Uh oh, party's over..."

Ugh. Please, my family and friends... don't do it.  I pay REAL bills, I've been a REAL adult this whole time.

So. My birthday.  A day where I go out, eat every pumpkin flavored anything I can find and shove in my face for 8 hours, and then celebrate with my insanely amazing boyfriend, and try not to think about how during the next 15 years or so, my boobs will no doubt drop to my feet.

At least I've got the fortitude left to make this for lunch:

And this is an artichoke heart hazelnut omelette with brie.  <3


  1. Welcome to 30! :P im hoping to do a cosmetic. Surgery Fellowship in that case I will lift those boobs for you and my good friend is a dermatologist so she will erase our wrinkles and if your g spot. Needs improvement or your vagina needs tightening ... I got that covered for you too! What are friends for anyways?? ;)

  2. Thank you my dear! It's kind of my goal in life to physically age gracefully. Mostly to spite the fine people of Los Angeles. I don't think it's right that women aren't allowed to age... le sigh... it's not like I ever had a flat stomach to begin with, even with an hour a day at the gym (in short, my body HATES ME).

    ...Wait... you can improve a g spot? How does one achieve that?

  3. Don't worry - my mom's boobs are only down to her knees

  4. Oh, good then. That will make walking much easier.