Friday, November 23, 2012

Would someone please remind me about this next year?

Every Thanksgiving is the same. Every year I don't want it. I swear to god I'm making tacos or ordering a pizza or just ignoring it all together because I don't like it, and It's bland and lame and sad. Every year people start talking about stuffing and mashed potatoes and I get lulled into some kind of fantastical Thanksgiving trance and decide to make the whole freaking dinner, from the recipes my mom made every year and I now know by heart. And every year I am reminded that not only do I not like turkey (especially West Coast turkey... seriously, what are you guys feeding these things?) but I never want to see or hear about Thanksgiving ever, ever again... except that my fridge is full of Thanksgiving... and I can't do anything about it.

...except eat it. Forever.

Seriously you guys... recipes that you've memorized from Thanksgiving past are huge, and you should really take that into account:

From left to right: Deceptive mashed potato pile, turkey breast, stuffing, rolls, cranberries, green bean casserole, food coma.  
Do you see this? Do you? Don't be fooled by that stand mixer, either... cause that bitch is full of mashed potatoes. Full. Of. Mashed. Potatoes.

If I had enough tupperware I'd be standing out on Polk Street tomorrow distributing Thanksgiving leftovers. But I don't. Cause I suck at having any tupperware, ever.

I suppose I'm super grateful I have the means to put together so much food that makes me kinda sad. And the dog was happy. Very, very happy.

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